A little warm-up to start off your practice session

The other day I wrote about doing long tones on the Nuvo DooD. In addition to long tones, it is also good to warm up with some scale practice. On the clarinet, I would work out of a scale book, Baermann Division 3, to be specific. This has various scales and arpeggios written out for the entire range of the clarinet, meant to be played with various articulations. Of course, the range of the Nuvo DooD spans a 9th, so there’s not much you can do with scales. But I made an attempt. Here is a Baermann-inspired exercise in the key of C Major.

Baermann-Inspired C Major Warm Up

When it says varied articulations, that means to play it once through slurred, then maybe once through with legato tonguing, then perhaps slur-two-notes-tongue-two-notes, and so on. The video below is the exercise all slurred:

Basically, I try to think of exercises like this as long-tones but with the fingers moving. Also, I suggest starting off with the long-tones, then moving on to the scale exercises.


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